Sunday, July 11, 2010

Work at Home Jobs that Require On-Site Training

Special Tip for Work at Home applicants – On-site training

I’ve had virtual training with several companies, some of the training was superb, and others, well suffice to say it was a bit lacking. The virtual world requires a more specific type of communication, and sometimes in a training type situation it simply doesn’t work well. It could be the facilitator, perhaps a few trainees are overwhelmed and they slow the process down or sometimes there are technical difficulties impacting everyone. The bottom line is there is nothing more frustrating than to come out a virtual class to begin your assignment knowing that a major portion of the material was not covered, or they used outdated software and what you are now working with is completely different. Now experienced wah’ers are a resilient bunch and we find a way to survive, but for newbies this can be a rather daunting experience. Which leads me to an old fashioned method of educating, that seems to be reemerging, on-site training.

As I gather job leads to share with all of you, I am seeing more and more on-site training jobs pop up. These jobs may require a few weeks of on-site training, a small amount of office time, attendance at monthly meetings, or just a little face time. Do not automatically rule out these jobs. Unless of course your personal situation prevents you from being away from home for extended periods of time. These new jobs are with major companies in the medical, insurance, financial and other top level industries. In my opinion these companies are looking for long term employees and want to know you, not employee number 999. It seems the company is interested in you receiving good hands on training, and becoming a successful permanent employee. Management is more inclined to promote someone they know even a bit personally. This all seems like a good thing to me. So if you see a job requiring on-site training in a neighboring town, and your personal situation allows you to leave home, then take a few moments to check it out. This could turn out to be the best job you ever had. Best wishes and check back Monday morning for new leads, both virtual and on-site training.

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