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Welcome to my work from home blog. I have been successfully telecommuting for the past six years. I began working from home for a local company on a part time basis, and then worked my way into several true virtual companies. Over the years I have worked for a virtual call center as a recruiter, worked with an online tutoring company, evaluated web searches, and worked writing and educating for grassroots outreach efforts. More and more people are trying to break into the work at home fields these days, and I thought I would share my experiences and knowledge. I don’t have all the answers but I hope I can steer the newcomers in the right direction.  I'm not going to promise you a job were you'll earn $1000 for a few hours of work each week, nor will I ask you to register or recruit people.  There are plenty of websites that do that.  What I can do is point you in the right direction for online employment, be it part time freelance or a full time employee, and offer some tips based on my virtual recruiting experience.  Hopefully, you will land a work at home job, lose your long commute, shirt and tie, or stiletto heels, and have more time to spend with your loved ones.   

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Use the tab buttons up at the top to access a particular area of interest or you can use the search feature by typing in a keyword, such as tips which will be step by step instructions of most things you will need to consider when working from home.  Or click here for tips http://howtoworkfromhome-demi.blogspot.com/p/tips-for-working-at-home.html  or avoiding scams visit: http://howtoworkfromhome-demi.blogspot.com/p/avoiding-scams.html.

• I want your comments, feedback and recommendations. Just please keep your posts family friendly, even when you disagree. Feel free to use the easy buttons, if you would like more information on a particular topic. You can also email me at demihelena@gmail.com
There is advertising on this site. Unless mentioned otherwise, please do not assume that advertisers on this site are recommended by me. Ads are not screened, so please use the same common sense guidelines mentioned in the avoiding scams section when applying to any company, even one advertised here. I don't personally investigate every job listed here, if it's an obvious scam, I won't post, but some slip under my radar, and if you are still unsure ask a question.  Under my favorite forums, you will find links to some good work from home forums. Some require a registration, but I do recommend them. They contain valuable information, job leads, and the ability to ask questions about particular companies. Under Demi's recommended survey sites, I have personally evaluated these sites, and made some pocket change. You can read the reviews. Once again these are not $50 survey sites. The most I earned for one 45 minute survey was $10.00. The nice part is you will be paid, and you won’t be asked to sign up for magazines, credit cards, or be spammed. Interested in surveys visit: http://howtoworkfromhome-demi.blogspot.com/p/surveys-that-pay.html

Stay positive, apply to many jobs, you’re perfect job is just around the corner.

• I earn small (very small, lol) commissions from the affiliate advertisers on this site, so if something does spark you're interest, feel free to purchase or inquire. This is what keeps this site functioning and the job leads coming in.
• Check back frequently or subscribe to view the latest job openings, http://howtoworkfromhome-demi.blogspot.com/.  I would love for you to follow this blog.

Best wishes as you navigate the virtual employment world. Feel free to share your success or even disappointment; we’ve all experienced the ups and downs of this and any profession for that matter. Success stories can be read here:  http://howtoworkfromhome-demi.blogspot.com/p/success-stories.html.