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Job Leads for 4/29/10

***Support Representative***
We are seeking a full-time Postal Shipping Systems Support Rep to support our Postal Package Partner (PPP) clients. If you love PPP and the shipping industry and want to join our support team from home or our office in Cambridge, MA, please contact us. We offer competitive salary and great benefits.

Window Book, Inc.,, is a well-established software company (founded in 1988) that helps businesses become more profitable by improving the efficiency of their mailing and shipping operations. If you share our commitment to service and can help make our operations more efficient, we need you!
Responsibilities include answering and responding to incoming calls, emails from clients, Internet based support, and responding to our web based incident notification system.
The Ideal Candidate will possess the following:
* 1-3 years using Postal Package Partner
* Strong general computer skills
* A working knowledge of MS Office Suite, CRM, GoToAssist, GoToMeeting, SQL, Scale and printer drivers)
* Fast learner, goal oriented, and eager to learn new software as needed
* Able to communicate effectively with callers and colleagues
* Able to work efficiently from home without continual supervision
* Courteous, customer oriented, and energetic

To respond to this opportunity: please send cover letter and resume to the e-mail address below and voice mail to 617-395-4507. If you pass the initial screen, we will call you and ask you to come in and interview and take a test to make sure this position is a good fit for you and Window Book

***Transcription Job****
We produce a bi-monthly show featuring singer/songwriters in performance and conversation. The show is called "After Dinner" and you can see it online at Click on Music and then select a particular show or watch them all.
The conversation portion of the show begins as 30 to 50 minutes, but is ultimately re-arranged and whittled down to approximately 20 minutes. We are looking for someone who can transcribe the audio file into a word processing document.
Spelling is not important - text-like abbreviations are fine. We simply need the words, periodic time codes, and color coded identification of the speakers, and we need a one-week turnaround. We currently have a backlog of 4 shows, so if you can do it faster, you can earn faster.

Compensation: $50 per tape
Please e-mail with a brief synopsis of your work and volunteer background  Special consideration will be give to those who are interested in acoustic music or video production.

***Parenting Writer***
A new Long Island parenting magazine is looking for 2 writers. The first position is for the mother of children between the ages of 0 and 3. The next is for a mother between the ages of 12 and 16. You must be comfortable writing from your own personal feelings and experiences. This is a regular column to appear bi monthly. More details will be provided to applicants being considered for the position.
* Telecommuting is ok.

***Gaming Tech Support – Alpine Access***
Be part of the gaming revolution! Are you the ones your friends call when they have a question about their gaming system? Why not get paid for your expertise? Customer Care Professionals working on this program will be responsible for delivering superior customer service in all interactions which includes: assisting customers with high level tech support in regards to their gaming system.

We are currently hiring many work from home positions so complete your application as soon as possible.
You must reside in the United States in one of the following states to apply: AL, AR, AZ, CO, CT, FL, GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MD, MI, MN, NE, NV, NJ, NY, NC, OK, OR, PA, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What about surveys? Can you make money from them?

Yes, there are legitimate survey companies out there that will pay you to participate. Remember this is not a job, but more of a paid hobby. I was a skeptic when I began this journey, but found myself pleasantly surprised. My research is just in the beginning phase, so I will only recommend those sites where I have personal knowledge, received payment, have not been spammed and general overall satisfaction.

My number one favorite is Opinion Outpost. I have so much fun doing these surveys. Surveys range from household products, automobiles, travel, many games and TV shows. I invested about an hour registering, the first week was a bust of not qualifying for surveys, and now I average about $15 to $20 a week, for 4 weeks straight now. Several of the surveys are for children, so I turn it over to my son, and he earns the money. You are paid via check after you accumulate $5.00 and they pay very fast. Ignore the website that says 6 to 8 weeks. I get my check in 7 to 10 days. No muss no fuss. I put this money into my “going out to eat jar”. We had enough for dinner for 4 at Chili’s last week, how awesome is that. Register, you will not be disappointed. Will post more sites as I verify them.

Job Leads for 4/28/10

***Inside Sales***
  FT w/benefits

***Hilton at Home Reservations – Dallas & Tampa only***
***Sedgewick CMS Service Center Assistant***  

***Inbound Sales, Team Lead, Coach and Trainer***  

***Vacation Planning Counselor – Orlando only***  

***QA Tester***

***Script Writer***  

***How to Bloggers***

***Freelance Web/Visual Designer***  

Monday, April 26, 2010

Job Leads for 4/26/10

***SDF Programmer***;_ylt=AmyN13iaMgEWgf5QV.CvIRz6Q6IX?source=SRP

***Regional Coding Specialist***;_ylt=AvX1L7VuuIeCNo_iK1zgIU_6Q6IX?source=SRP  

***Wells Fargo Technical Service **
 FT  -- Onsite Training in SF, CA

***Medco Project Manager***
FT, Bachelor's Degree, Healthcare experience required  

***Bilingual Phone Support – Spanish or French***;_ylt=Ak1uSB6wv0FUw0iPkHIFZGb6Q6IX?source=SRP

***Medical Billing Customer Service***
Bilingual Spanish, Training in NH

***Hilton Reservations – Dallas/Fort Worth***  

***Telephonic Interviewer -- Training in MN***

***Reservation Agent***
Denihan Hospitality Group*A3FBDB5EC3E5F866

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Job Leads for 4/22/10

***Sales Support $10 - $12/hr***

***Asurion CSR for Roadside Assistance***

***Help Desk -- $9.00 to $10hr – Austin Training***

***Crisis Line Help $10.00 hr***

***Demand Studios – Writers, Copy Editors, Film makers***

Avoiding the work from home scams

Be wary of unsolicited emails, the less harmless ones just bombard you with spam, the really bad ones are fraudulent and will attempt to get a small investment for a membership or some other services. Or they will attempt to steal your personal information.

Steer clear of the old “envelope stuffing” scheme. These are illegal pyramid schemes. All you get for your investment is a “how to guide” on placing ads just like the one you responded to, asking people to send you money for information about this opportunity. You won’t make any money, and you could be prosecuted for fraud.

Be aware of businesses requesting you recruit other people. Legitimate businesses have a product or service.

Stay away from jobs asking that you receive money. This is an old scam, you receive money, deposit into your account, write a check or wire transfer the funds less your fee. The check(s) you deposit are fraudulent and since it takes time for these check to clear, you’re left responsible for the bounced check and again, you could be prosecuted for fraud.

Be cautious before investing money in a business. Many new businesses require an investment. Ask yourself what am I getting for my investment? Is it inventory? Marketing materials? Training? Then ask yourself is there a market for this product/service? What is their refund policy? Do I have a contract? Get references and contact them.

If it’s a job requesting money, once again ask yourself what am I getting for my investment? Equipment, training? The legitimate companies that require an investment in equipment usually deduct it you’re your paycheck, they will not ask for it up front. Some work from home companies have started requesting fees for background checks. Personally, I don’t believe in paying for a job, but if you do decide to this, investigate the company first. You should be making your payment to an outside verifiable criminal investigation firm.

Just because it says “as seen on TV or New York Times,…………..” doesn’t mean it’s true. Verify it yourself.

Christian business opportunities, once again, just because it says Christian, doesn’t mean it’s trustworthy. People have been selling potions and cures under the guise of religion since the beginning of time.

Is the business or job targeting one set of people (disabled, senior citizens, stay at home moms), does the advertisement play on someone’s emotions?

Be cautious of companies requesting too much personal information at the beginning of the hiring process. Most companies only ask for your social security number, date of birth and other pertinent information after they hire you, not before.

Be cautious of companies with incomplete or unusual contact information. If the web site only offers an email address, be wary, even e-businesses still have a physical address.

Research the company fully with the Better Business Bureau, state licensing boards, , , and  to check domain registration. You can also ask questions on my favorite wah forums or Google “company name + scam” and see what results you find.

Look for other red flags such as higher than normal salary or over-inflated returns on your investment. No experience necessary is another one. Remember if it’s too good to be true, it is, plain and simple.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Welcome all followers, appreciate your support.  Feel free to leave a comment if there is a subject you would like me to write about.  Just finishing up writng on avoiding scams and staying healthy while you work at home.  Will post them soon, and more jobs as soon as I get them.  For all those job hunting, best wishes you find your perfect WAH job.  Keep applying and don't loose site of your dream.

Job Leads 4/21/10

**Image Print Tech**
 Train on site in Schaumburg, IL then wah;_ylt=AqM4IhiuzeuNV7mf0lyy4y76Q6IX?source=SRP&core=%7B%22offset%22%3A0%2C%22detailed%22%3Afalse%2C%22sort%22%3A%7B%22type%22%3A%22relevancy%22%2C%22reverse%22%3Afalse%7D%7D

***English Language Tutor***
 no teaching experience needed

***Community Neighborhood writers***

***Bilingual CSR***
Element Care -- $12.00/hr

***Bilingual CSR***;_ylt=At.p6lQhXmDB0cg8M.oha_X6Q6IX?source=SRP
 ***Virtual Bookkeeper***  
 ***Virtual Administrator*** - $11.00 to $14.00

Friday, April 16, 2010

Jobs for students and teens

Summer is almost here, and your teen wants (or maybe you want them) to get a job. Long gone are the days of our youth when working in a fast food restaurant, movie theatre (that was mine), or camp counselor are the only options. Today’s teens are very web savvy and have online job options available to.  First check your state laws on age requirements and then get a resume together. How can I prepare a resume when I have no experience you ask? Easy, focus on your school and volunteer accomplishments. Your resume should include a skill set: such as types 45 wpm, good communication skills, tech savvy, etc. Be sure your resume includes your full name, address, telephone, cell if applicable and email address. Please have a professional sounding email, I prefer first initial and last name, but no matter what stay away from daddy’s girl or sugarbaby type names. Free email accounts can be found at Gmail, Yahoo, and several others. Then focus on leadership activities, list those under the heading of leadership activities. Are you an AP/Honors student who has straight A’s and perfect attendance since elementary school, put it down. Did you volunteer at your church’s vacation bible study last summer? Maybe you just stepped up for a leadership role on the football team, or you edit the student news letter, put it down. Then gather a list of professional references, people who can support these strengths and accomplishments. You do not need to list the references on your resume, just have them ready, if requested. Be sure to contact these individuals and request their permission to use them as a reference.

Now you’re ready for your job hunt. Analyze what your skills are, and which of those can translate into work. You can apply to the traditional summer jobs of camp counselor, life guard, fast food cook, but here’s a few more options:
Can you write? Here’s a list of site that hire writers on a contract basis:

Can you tutor, try these jobs:  

Great speaking voice, try this one:

Maybe you just want to branch out on your own and blog, try  
Perhaps you have great technical skills try:  they allow you to bid on a host of freelance jobs, many of these are age 18 and over though.

Try selling on E bay:

You can market your own talent via Facebook, MySpace, and other networking sites or on Craigslist,  use the common sense guidelines when furnishing personal information, and when in doubt ask your parent or other responsible adult. Can you play a musical instrument well enough to teach someone? Can you create a web site, or freelance other graphic arts type work? All of these talents can be marketed into an income.

Some of these jobs have age requirements, and all should be researched. Follow common sense guidelines of never paying money to find a job; do not provide your personal information, such as date of birth and social security number before verifying the legitimacy of the job. Do a search here on my blog for more tips on avoiding scams. Feel free to post a question, and I’ll be happy to answer. Have a great summer with some extra spending money in your pocket.

Check back soon when I’ll post more online options for teens.

Job Leads for 4/16/10

***Weebly Customer Service***
We are looking for a qualified individual to telecommute / work remotely as a member of the customer service team. Your primary responsibility would be to respond to customer suggestions, requests for help, and complaints. Your writing style must be crisp, clear and professional. This is a part time position, expected to require 20-25 hours of time per week. The actual hours worked are flexible. Compensation is $17 / hour.
• Self motivated
• Efficient
• Have 1-2 years of prior experience providing written customer support
• Posses excellent communication skills
• Have a strong interest in technology / knowledge of the Internet industry
• Experience in writing tutorials, help articles, or other materials (desired)
• Knowledge of HTML & CSS (desired)
• Own a reasonably powerful computer with large monitor (dual monitors recommended for efficiency)

***IT System Administrator FT w/benefits for Planned Parenthood***

***HIMS Sr. Coder – FT ***

***JAVA Architect – FT ***;_ylc=X3oDMTE0MzZiOTQ0BF9TAzM5NjUxMDMzNQRjYXQDVW5rbm93bgRwY29kZQM0ODk3Nw--?source=partner&scode=48977

***Regional Recruiter***
FL, GA, CO, CA, OR -- $15/hr
Staffing company seeking quality individual for regional recruiting position.. Applicants must have strong communication skills and ability to work independently. Looking for multi-tasking, self-motivated individuals with computer skills in web search, Microsoft Office and Excel. Recruiting background a plus.
Must live in one of these areas GA, FL, CA, CO, OR.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Job Leads for 4/15/10

***Sales, Customer Service & Tech Support agents in Atlanta only***

***Reserve America Work at Home Agents***
in Florida, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Idaho, Mississippi, S. Carolina, New York, Pittsburg, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and California

***Nationwide Customer Service***

***Technical Support***

***Tactical Engineer***

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Job Leads for 4/13/10

***Medical transcriptionists and Editors/QA***

***Yelp – Community Managers, WAH in Charlotte, San Antonio, also Leeds & Glasgow, UK***,Job

***Technical and Customer Service at Infocision – Ohio or West Virginia only***

***Seasonal Customer Service***

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Take or make the time to attend your children's school events

Was out of town for a few days.  My son competed in Florida's Science and Engineering Fair.  I can very proudly say he received a 3rd place award in the Senior Environmental Science category. 

Will post new jobs leads tomorrow.  In the meantime, remember a great benefit from working at home is the opportunity to spend quality time with your family.  How wonderful it is that I can attend functions such as the Science Fair, go on field trips, volunteer at school and band events,...........    I encourage all parents to do the same. 

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Job Leads for 4/7/10

**Alpine Access hiring 300 tech support positions**

**Apple at homeTechnical Support F/T**
Job Requistion # 4620216

***Customer Support Representative***

U.S.-based applicants must reside in one of these States: CA, FL, GA, IL, OK, PA, TN, TX. Applicants from the United Kingdom are also welcome

Come join the Ruby Lane team! We're looking for a smart, talented individual who enjoys working in a flexible, interactive online atmosphere. If that's you, read on:
Ruby Lane is currently looking to fill a full time, salaried, work-from-home Customer Support position. The ideal candidate is a self-starter, goal-oriented, self-disciplined, and has the ability to perform a variety of tasks working in a small, well established company.
Ruby Lane is the premier online source for Antiques, Collectibles, Fine Art and Jewelry, hosting over 2000 individually owned online sellers from around the world. In this niche market, we enjoy an excellent level of brand loyalty and rely on highly automated systems as part of our success. Our staff is spread out across the U.S. and in Europe, most of whom are virtual single-person satellites.
If you have the qualifications and would like to be considered for this position, please email your resume to the e-mail address below, by following the instructions at the bottom of the ad. We will respond to those submissions that most closely meet the required qualifications, which are listed below.
Job Responsibilities:
Handle customer support questions and complaints via email, Live Chat Support and telephone.
Provide outstanding customer support with tact, impartiality and professionalism.
Other customer support related duties, as assigned.
Minimum of 2 years Customer Support experience, preferably in a Corporate, online environment.
Immediate availability.
Articulate, with strong verbal and written communication skills.
Ability to learn quickly and maintain a high volume workload in an organized manner.
Ability to multi-task and simultaneously work on a variety of assignments in a fast-paced environment.
Maintain a calm, professional demeanor at all times, and work well with others.
The successful candidate must be comfortable working solo (physically) from a single "satellite" location, in a "virtual office" as opposed to in a group setting.
Have above average computer skills, such as the ability to install and quickly become proficient with unfamiliar software.
Own a recent model PC platform computer (Windows XP or higher), or a recent model Mac, and have a functional, high speed Internet connection (Cable or DSL). The computer must not be shared, but dedicated to your own personal use. A cellular phone is also required.
Desire for long term employment and commitment.
Familiar with, and enjoy the dynamics of e-commerce.
Saturday hours (8 hours) are a requirement of the job. A day off during the Monday thru Friday working week will be made available.
Occasional business travel will be required.
If you have the above qualifications and you'd like to be part of our enthusiastic team, while working from the privacy and comfort of your home office, we invite you to contact us.
In the interest of efficiency and because of the varied word processing programs, please do not send your submission as an attachment to your email. Instead, please paste your resume and cover letter into the body of the email itself.
Resumes sent to the e-mail address below will be considered starting April 16, 2010.

***Home-Based Outbound Sales Agent ***
We are an outsourced Work at Home Contact Services company recruiting for a multiple outbound sales projects. One is a highly effective identity theft protection service which is not only in demand but at our price point the most competitive and comprehensive service in the marketplace. You will be the first and last point of contact meaning that you will not be generating interest only to transfer the call to someone else who will close the deal and make the commission. You will actually be closing the deal yourself and reaping the rewards for your efforts.
Sales ability is required for this position as is experience in a high call volume environment. We are looking for closers that are comfortable selling and closing over the phone working out of a quiet home office. Schedules are relatively flexible however we are looking for individuals who are money motivated so we prefer to bring in applicants desirous of working at least 25 - 30 hours a week minimum, preferably more.
If you have a strong phone presence and are comfortable taking calls from an automatic dialer, then this can be a lucrative position. Our reps average $13-$15 per hour, with top reps earning a bit more due to our performance bonus structure. With the proven track record this product has, we are offering a generous hourly base pay plus commission compensation structure. Because of this, again we are only looking for people who are comfortable with a high volume sales position. Additionally, you will need to have a quiet place to work, your own computer with access to high-speed internet and a USB headset.

**Data Geek Blogger**

***Cooking/Food Site Community Manager***

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Job Leads for 4/6/10

**Work at home reservation agent with Active Network**

**Financial Writer w/stock and bond market experience $12.00 hr**  
**Resume Writers**
**Admissions Officers**

We currently are looking for past or current admissions officers to serve on EssayEdge staff. EssayEdge pay is quite competitive. To apply, please submit your resume, two writing samples, and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position.

**Proofreader -- $12/hour**
University Readers is taking the custom-publishing industry by storm! Join an entrepreneurial company that provides an E-commerce publishing service that is loved by countless professors and over 250,000 students around the country. This is an incredible opportunity for the right individual, as we are positioned to triple in size over the next few years. We are presently recruiting enthusiastic, hard-working, and dedicated Freelance Proofreaders to work from home. In this role, you will provide the "nuts-and-bolts" of our publishing service: making sure documents that have gone through an optical character recognition process are completely error-free. We strive to produce flawless products.
Job Description
* Receive original, scanned documents in PDF format, and data-captured documents in Word format.
* Review the Word documents against the original PDFs for accuracy: This includes checking for misplaced words, incorrect characters, missing words/pages, and other inconsistencies.
* NO line-editing/copy-editing involved.
Candidates with publishing experience, strong proofreading skills and attention to detail are strongly encouraged to apply.
* Ability to ensure a flawless product and maintain the flawless standard quality control across a high volume of titles. This requires a keen eye and exacting standards. This is supported and reinforced by using a repeatable, documented, and continually updated (as needed, in writing) process.
* Adept with personal computers, standard word processing and ms office (Word, Adobe Acrobat on your computer are required for the work).
* Familiarity with the book-publishing process: layout, design, editorial, production, scheduling, printing, epub knowledge a plus.
* Ability to receive constructive criticism and feedback, and incorporating it into future work as needed to ensure the highest quality is maintained.
* Strong, demonstrated organizational skills. We have a high-pressure, quick-turnaround operation, and your ability to multi-task and hit strict deadlines must be second-to-none!
* Ability to work efficiently and productively on an independent basis. At the same time, candidate must be able to work cooperatively to help company meet larger goals and objectives (we are extremely interdependent and regularly collaborate).
* A drive to seek excellence with a "whatever-it-takes" attitude (you love to work hard and take pride in a job well-done)!
* Problem-solving and creativity (we are highly introspective and strive for continual improvement to our processes and products).
Compensation: $12/hour. Our pay rate is structured on an expected efficiency scale. We expect our proofreaders to be able to complete 20 pages per hour, based on a word count of 450 words per page.
For consideration, please e-mail cover letter and resume to Jennifer Bowen at the e-mail address below. No phone calls please.
University Readers Inc.
3970 Sorrento Valley Blvd.; Suite 500
San Diego, CA 92121
858-552-1422 (fax)
An Equal Opportunity Employer �
* Compensation: $12/hour

Monday, April 5, 2010

Job Leads for 4/5/10

***AAA Automobile Counselor***
You must live within AAA Mid-Atlantic's footprint, primarily between Richmond, VA; Fredericksburg, VA; Northern VA; and the DC metro and Maryland area. Flexible scheduling by season.

***Senior Informatics/Healthcare Data Analyst (Work from home) – Aetna***

***Harris Direct – Inside Sales Work from home in Austin area only***

***Brighten Communications – Telesales/Appointment setting $12.00 to $16.00***

***Senior Technical Support – Ropes & Gray, Boston Massachusetts***
12 to 8am work form home

***Pearson Test Scorers – Work from home $12.00 hour – all degrees welcome***

***Deskside Tranistion Manager Work from home for CDI***

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter or April 4th

Will post new job leads on Monday, April 5th. 

In the meantime, Happy Easter or you can celebrate:  Children’s day in Taiwan and Hong Kong , Tell a Lie Day, and School Librarian Day.  A few other famous things to celebrate or mourn. 

• 1850 – Los Angeles, California is incorporated as a city.1873 – The Kennel Club is founded, the oldest and first official registry of purebred dogs in the world
• 1887 – Argonia, Kansas elects Susanna M. Salter as the first female mayor in the United States.

• 1887 – first home phone was installed
• 1968 – Apollo program: NASA launches Apollo 6.

• 1964 – The Beatles occupy the top five positions on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart.

• 1973 – The World Trade Center in New York is officially dedicated.

• 1974 – Hank Aaron tied Babe Ruth’s home run record

• 1975 – Microsoft is founded as a partnership between Bill Gates and Paul Allen
Take a moment to remember the passing of William Henry Harrison, 9th U.S. President who died from pneumonia on April 4, 1841 after spending one month in office and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Civil Rights Leader who was assassinated in Memphis on April 4, 1968.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Job Leads for 4/1/10

** 1-800-Flowers – Temp CSRs**
Must be a resident and live in the following states Arizona, Delaware, Florida, Illinois ,Montana, New Hampshire New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, and Virginia

For more details or to apply visit:

**World Adult Kickball Association**

PT Customer Service  10 – 20 hrs per week

Full Time IT and Marketing Managers

For more details or to apply visit:

**HR Advice Team**

**Program Manager Ecommerce and Program Management**

Balancing family and work, even when you work from home

The ultimate challenge for moms and dads everywhere is balancing work and family needs. Babies and younger children require a lot of attention, they get sick at the most inopportune times, and well they just simply need you. For parents of younger children, there are basically two options for working at home. The freelance, no schedule or work when you want jobs permit you to work while your baby is napping, or even playing. All you need is the discipline and where how to get things done when your child is occupied. The other option is have someone watch your child while you work. This can be the best or sometimes the only alternative for fixed schedule, phone type jobs. Either one is workable, you could work the later shift when your spouse is home, and they can handle the child care. Just be realistic. You can’t parent all day, make dinner, and then work the graveyard shift while everyone is sleeping. You won’t last too long. Ask and get the help you need. Your spouse can get the kids in the bath, and put them to bed while you work a four or five hour shift on the phone. Another alternative is to hire a teenager as a mother’s helper. This is usually cheaper than traditional day care. If you can work a later afternoon or early evening shift, then you should have a ready supply of teens looking to earn some extra money. I recommend having at least two, this way if one can’t make it, you have a backup in place.

So, now that we have everyday routine care covered, all we have to worry about is doctors, and dentist visits. Babies all the way through elementary school kids seem to be sick quite often. There probably not, it just seems like it. When my son was younger, my husband and I alternated trips. I was working in the B&M world then, and we would simply take turns. Sometimes even half days each. Even with this, this is ultimately why I went to WAH. The stress of having to take time off for tonsil surgery, broken nose, ear infections, pink eye, and then ultimately I would get pink eye too, was just way too much. So have a backup of spouse or other relative who can help out when you simply cannot get the time off.

Many WAH companies with fixed shifts permit staff to trade or swap shifts, which can help out a lot when that emergency comes up. Just remember balance the needs of everyone. Too much time off, is not going to help anyone’s career. You may lose your job, but you certainly won’t be first in line for that promotion. Even when freelancing, you must work to get paid, and you still have deadlines.

Have help, have a backup plan, and even moms with very small infants can make this work. You can meet the kids at the bus stop, tuck your little ones in to bed, or just have them playing on the floor while you do your data entry. Even if you work from home full time, you are no longer commuting, so there’s more family time, and less stress. When you catch your child’s pink eye (and you will, trust me), you can still go to work. No one need know you have a patch on your eye.