Saturday, February 27, 2010

Never Pay to find work

Please do not pay to find work at home.  There are hundred's of work at home jobs available.  It takes tenacity, a good skill set and resume.  Remember if it sounds too good to be true, It is!  Visit my favorite forums and subscribe to this blog.  I post interesting jobs here that I find.  Share your tips, tricks and even leads, by simply posting a comment.  You don't have to register to do so. 

Today's job lead:

O'Desk publishes many contractual temporary work from home jobs.  Personally, I have not worked for them, and the rates can be low, but friends have worked on a project and then received a permanent or longer term, higher paying offer.  So check it out and less us know if it works for you.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Job Leads for 2/20/10

CSR, Telesales, Sales all work from home FT w/full benefit packages 

Technisource is currently hiring a Work for Home Help Desk position for our client.
Pay Rate: $14/hour 

Friday, February 19, 2010

What about jobs on Craig's list

Craig's list will tell you that the majority of their postings are legit, but a few are scams.  In recent months I have noticed more legit companies publishing openings on Craig's list versus other local options.  When I see something that looks interesting I send an email of interest highlighting my pertinent experience and skills, while requesting more information about their job.  Only after I have received a reply and can verify company, etc. will I submit a resume.  Another alternative is to prepare a resume leaving off your personal contact information, but I still prefer the email of interest approach.  In today's world, the less information someone has about me the happier I am.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Job

Virtual Assistant -- unresearched but sounds promising

How to beat the odds

Yes, the job market stinks, no doubt about it.  You can beat the odds somewhat when applying for WAH jobs by enhancing your skill set.  In today's world it's all about the skills and certifications.  An easy way to stand out in the crowd is to show your skill set right up front.  Most of us have numerous skills, and I keep my resume skill set flexible.  If I'm applying for a bookkeeping position I emphasize my accounting skills whereas if I'm applying for a research position I'll focus on Internet search skills, etc.  If you are lacking a particular skills such as Excel, think about taking a course.  My local library offers computer classes free.  Most importantly keep applying, just because you applied to XYZ Company six months ago, doesn't mean you shouldn't apply again.  If you have not heard back from them, apply again or update your profile.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New and fun Job Leads

Tech Support level 1 and CSR's --

Tier 1 Support for Hasbro Wizards gaming products --

AAA Travel Specialist
Haven't posted in a bit, husband had a stroke.  Will be back shortly with work from home updates.