Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Latest Job Leads for July 12, 2011

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Companies Hiring July 12, 2011

Minute Workers

Customer Service w/Deluxe Corporation (2 wks onsite training in Shoreview, MN)

Customer Service (onsite training in Ashland, MA)

Sales w/Customer Loyalty Concepts

Collections Specialist w/Inspirit

On Call Staffing Manager w/Bayada (onsite training in Allentown, PA)

Customer Care w/ACS (onsite training in Schaumburg, IL)

Order Management/Customer Service w/GP

3rd Party Verification Agents

Hotel Sales Tester

Enrollment and Match Specialist w/Big Brothers/Sisters (Black River Falls, WI)

Web Designers

Web Developer

Social Media Specialist

Word press Developer w/NorthLeft

K-12 Teachers

Virtual Teachers (Ohio licensing only)

Writing Instructors

Circle of Experts

Bloggers w/VisitSouth.com

Blogger w/LogoMyWay

Writer/Editor w/PSFK

Content Writer/SEO Specialist and Sales


Medical Transcription

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Anonymous said...

Hi Demi, I am located in Lima Peru and speak english and spanish both. I have call center experience (worked in the US for over 12 years) and also worked from home as a telephonic interpreter for american companies and hospitals. I wanted to know if you by any chance know of any companies that would be willing to hire someone outside the US to work from home doing bilingual work, I have a VOIP number from the US and fast speed internet. Thanks and hope to hear from you very soon

Demi said...

Thanks for contacting me. Most of the call center jobs I post on my blog are for US based agents. I don’t know of any specific call center companies that hire Peruvian based workers. Lionbridge (home based web search evaluation, not a call center) does hire in Quechan, Peru (forgive me my geography is not up to speed), I’m not sure how close this is to you. They also hire translators. Many of the major US hotel chains, such as Starwood, Choice, and Inter Continental hotels hire non-US workers, so you check those out to see if they are located in your vicinity and hiring work at home employees. Visit the corporate websites of GE, American Express, Expedia or any major corporation that may have a branch office in your location. Another option is freelance translation, these jobs come up sporadically and I do post what I find, so keep visiting the blog. O Desk and other freelance sites hire world wide, but it's usually temporary and the pay scale is lower. I will post your question to the question box on my blog (will remove your email address) with the hope that another reader may have some more suggestions. Being bilingual is definitely a plus, so stay positive I'm sure you'll find something. I hope this will be of some help to you. Please pass my blog link along to friends and family and if one of the advertisers appeals to you, kindly visit that site. The small affiliate income does help to support what I do.
Best wishes in your job search.