Monday, July 12, 2010

Health Benefits for Telecommuters and Independent Contractors

News Flash:

ODesk is now making affordable health benefits available to its members.  For all work at home individuals this is definitely worth looking in to.  I compared the prices to our going rate with my husband's employer and it's cheaper.  They have several plans to choose from:

1. Wellness plan - day-to-day health care plan with guaranteed issuance, low deductible and up to an annual maximum benefit of $20,000 including hospitalization.

2. Catastrophic plan - coverage for major medical care, including hospitalization with an annual maximum benefit of $1 Million

3. Comprehensive plan - combine the Wellness and Catastrophic plans to get comprehensive coverage

Think about it and go ahead and register, its free and you may just pick up a small side job in the process.

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