Thursday, June 24, 2010

Job Leads for June 24, 2010

Yelp Community Manager – Tucson
Work from home anywhere, experience living or working in Tucson,Job

Yelp Finance and Accounting Data Contractor,Job&jvs=Craigslist

Con Agra Foods -- Omaha, NE area
Consumer Affairs Specialist I
Consumer Affairs Specialist II Bilingual French
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Stringcan Home Agents

Amvets Phone Work

Reservations w/Reserve America Active network

BT Conferencing Customer Support Help Desk

HSN Sales – St. Petersburg, FL, Nashville, TN & Roanoke, VA


Customer Service with ACS;_ylc=X3oDMTEwNXM3OGk5BF9TAzM5NjUxMDMzNQRjYXQDQ1VTBHBjb2RlAzUwNTg0?source=partner&scode=50584

Bilingual English-Spanish CSR w/ACS

Hilton Work From Home – Dallas TX


Writer w/

Site Minder Administrator

Consultant Ethical Hacker

Social Media Consultant

Interactive Art Director

Minnesota Sports Blogger

Medical Coding

Clinical Research Associates – home based with travel


Tamona said...

Hey, I just noticed that we have some of the same leads! I wish I could say great minds think alike but your mind seems to be far greater than mine lol! I just love your blog. I am so happy to see another work at home blogger. It drives me nuts that people think they cannot work at home legitimately. Keep proving them wrong and educating them the way you are and people may soon wake up! You rock!!!!

Demi said...

Thanks Tamona, you are too kind. I agree that there is plenty of legitimate work out there. You keep doing what you do too. Best wishes.