Saturday, February 5, 2011

In an effort to continue to assist newcomers to the work at home (wah) world, we now have a question and answer box.  See the header tabs at the top of the page.  Please feel free to ask questions, my goal is share knowledge I've learned in my wah ventures. 

Also, we have a new and recommended work at home forum, Transcription Haven.  It is primarily geared for transcriptionists, but also includes writing/editing and general wah sections too!.  It does require registration, but I am a member and can fully recommend this site.  Definitely join if you are interested in transcription jobs.  You'll find the link on the right hand side of the page or

Finally, my research on Surveys has proved valuable and even somewhat profitable for me, so a new blog has been started: .  It is still a work in progress, but I plan to have money totals showing up there in the future.  For fun and easy money, I really can't recommend these sites enough.  I just finished up participating in a one day (2 hour) fantasy baseball forum that paid $75.00.  Even my regular day jobs don't pay $37.50/hour. 

A big hug to my loyal followers and supporters, I cannot thank you enough for the continued support.  If you are new please consider following, simply scroll down to the bottom of the right side of the page.  Right now this blog is a labor of love, but the more followers and supporters the more time I can spend researching jobs and providing tips for everyone.  Have a great weekend and check back Monday for new and exciting job leads. 

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