Saturday, February 26, 2011

Companies Hiring Now

Work at Home Week in Recap

These companies all have telecommuting job openings right now:

Travelers Insurance, HSN, UNC, Choice Hotels, American Express, Triton, 3M, Sierra Club, Wyndham, Staples, Welcome Wagon, ADP, ESPN, Travelocity, Hertz, ESurance, Google, Georgia Dept of Revenue, Yahoo and many more

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Suggestion:  If you see a job you’re interested in go ahead and apply! Yes, we would all love to know how much it pays and the benefit package if there is one, but please don’t wait. In the time you spent waiting to get those answers, the job may very well be filled. It’s a competitive job market out there my friends, for each open position there are tons of applicants. Perform due diligence, but do it quickly, meaning verify the company is legit, or provide limited personal information when applying. Wait until you speak with a recruiter to find out salary and other specifics. Yes, they may very well offer you a salary less than what you desire, then you simply decline. Isn’t that better than missing out on a great opportunity because you delayed applying until it’s too late!


MysteryShopper said...

So true on applying right now, I'm a victim of this. Asked questions about salary, by the time I applied, no job left. Lovin the blog, great leads.

Demi said...

Thanks for the feedback. Don't beat yourself up, we learn through our mistakes. Keep searching and you'll find what you're looking for.