Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Job Leads for Canadians and some other countries as well

Welcome fellow neighbors to my north.  Was chattng with someone the other day, who asked "who hires Canandians?", well here's a few.  I don't have all the inside tips for my neighbors, but feel free to check the postings out anyway, in today's global market, one never knows.  I will try to periodically update this with Canadian jobs, feel free to contact me if you have any leads as well.

**CSR for Convergys also hiring in Canada & UK**

** Quality Rater and Map Analysts for Canada**  Many other areas too!!

**Lionbridge**  is a worldwide company, right now they are hiring Canadian Internet Assessors and Map analysts - French, but I would check them regularly for other jobs.

**Suite 101 -- Freelance writers** 
**Wisegeek -- Freelance Writers**

**Book reviewers wanted US, Canada & UK**
Atlantic Publishing Company is a leading publisher in the business, finance, real estate, and hospitality areas. We are searching for freelance writers who are able to review books and are able to write honest reviews of 1-3 paragraphs. We will pay $50 for the entire project of ALL 3 reviews upon completion. We make payments via PayPal ONLY. If you do not want to be paid via PayPal, please do not respond.


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