Monday, June 13, 2011

Latest Work From Home Job Leads (June 13, 2011)

Back after a few restfull days at the beach.  Welcome new followers and special thanks for my faithfull freinds for the well wishes and ongoing support. 

Data Entry w/AppleOne

Data Entry Independent Contractor

Bilingual English/Spanish Administrative Assistant (onsite training in Baltimore, MD)

Customer Service w/Eahoy (onsite training in Sacramento)

Customer Service w/Citigroup

Telephonic Interviewer w/Univita (must live in or near MN)

Tele Interviewer w/Quest Diagnostics (Kansas City, MO Metro area only)

Tier 1 Help Desk w/Technisourse $14/hour

IT Support Specalist Junior w/Capital One

Tech and Customer Support w/RelyLocal (WA area)

Web Site Designer

Flash Developer w/Oxford Solutions

Flash Developer w/Nextive

Web Graphic Designer (some meetings in DC)

Service Delivery Project Coordinator w/

Community Marketing Executive w/Welcome Wagon (multiple locations/territories available) Home based

Reverse Mortgage Consultant w/Met Life (PA only)

Senior Analyst Category Development w/Chiquita

Business Analyst

Ordained Minister

Usability Contractor

Wordpress Designer (Chicago only)

Content Producer/Interactive Writer (NY)

Freelance Fundraising Copywriter (NY)

Math or Science Curriculum Developer

Guidebook Researcher

Spanish Speaking Triage Nurse (100% work from home)

Ambulatory Transcriptionist w/MedEDocs

Medical Transcription or

Medical Coders

Outpatient Coding w/University of MD

PT Blogger w/Loss Prevention Systems

Tech Culture/Gaming Blogger

Freelance Editor w/Global Spec


Anonymous said...

Hi Demi,
Glad to hear you had a lovely time snoozin at the beach :D

About the second posting today, the Data Entry one.. Do you happen to know what company it is?? Sounds like a good lead!

Demi said...

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately I don't have any more information on the 2nd Data Entry post for today. I wondered if it was the same as the "Apple One", but I don't know that for a fact. If you have a generic type resume (minimal personal info) send it on out and see what happens. If I hear more, I'll certainly post it. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Thnks Demi

I sent my resume in. Will let you know if I hear anything more about the company!