Friday, March 4, 2011

Spot Light Job with The League of Young Voters

This is a great opportunity for young minded person to user their social media, graphic design and blogging skills to make a difference.

Communications Associate w/the League of Young Voters FT
Salary: $30,000

Note: Telecommuting is possible for the perfect candidate. Applicants outside of the NY area are encouraged.

About This Job

The Systems and Communications Associate will work directly with Sam Patton, the League's Associate Director and manager of our organizations' data, online advocacy, and web design. 2010 was a year of serious growth for the League's online programming and 2011 will be another breakthrough year in terms of our design, targeting and reach.

If you're hired for this position, you will be an integral part of our online growth, with all of the associated responsibility.

Preference will be given to applicants displaying the following traits...

Strong Focus and Ability to Prioritize: web work often involves several distinct but related action items, and you'll need to be able to manage your time and contribute significantly to our online workflow.

Flexibility and Patience: working as part of a national nonprofit organization with many young employees and a turnover rate determined by the electoral cycle, the League's Online team has to adjust its terminology and tactics based on each user's computer familiarity and needs. Nonprofit work throws a lot of monkey-wrenches one's way; taking a longview is critical.

And Abilities:

Experience with .css web design.

Familiarity with WordPress CMS.

Basic knowledge of Photoshop image manipulation - resizing, layering, cropping, text effects.

Online Advocacy - experience creating petitions and legislative actions with Democracy In Action, Blue State Digital, or similar platforms.

Database Management - understanding of data best practices, familiarity with importing/exporting across systems.

Blog Writing - tone, personality, topics.

Social Networking - Twitter and Facebook, starting and sustaining conversations.

A Typical Week @ The League:

Blog Entry Writing, Moderation (tags, categories, image formatting) and Promotion on our social networks.

Email Blast Moderation - editing and formatting, link checking, querying, compatibility testing.

Database cleanup - merging spreadsheets, importing and exporting from our online CRM software.

Graphic Design: Email Action popouts, FB profile pictures, image resizing, text effects, basic photoshop layer-based work.

Website Building: domain registration, wordpress themes and installs, .css styling.

Sounds exciting? Sounds like you? Apply to

About the League

"The League" is a general name for a family of organizations encompassing a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the League of Young Voters Education Fund; a 501(c)(4), The League of Young Voters; and LYV PAC, our Political Action Committee.

Our primary websites:
c3: and



The League is 8 years old and into its fourth generation of leadership. We operate on two related but distinct levels: 1.) as a national leadership team engaging with federal issues, political and nonpartisan alliances and top level field and communications planning; and 2.) our local affiliates, community based teams who engage in long term leadership development, issue campaigns and GOTV work. The National team provides leadership and best practices to the local affiliates, who operate with a degree of autonomy, although strategic coordination around elections or legislative action is frequent.

The League is a national non-profit comprised of community-based organizations working to engage young people who have been shut out of the political process. Our work in the field includes voter registration and mobilization, especially among "unlikely" voters; local, state, and federal level issue advocacy; electoral organizing, training and leadership development; and community and youth organizing to bring new voices to electoral politics. In 2010, we are launching an ambitious voter registration and engagement campaign to increase turnout in the Fall Midterm Elections.

.More / LessHow to apply

Immediate opening. Position is available until filled. To apply, send an email to

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