Saturday, March 12, 2011

Companies Hiring Now

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted by the earthquake and tsunami.

Work at Home Week in Recap

These are just some of the companies with telecommuting job openings right now:

Neiman Marcus, U-Haul, Comsys, Synergy, Discover, United Health, Kaplan, Staples, Cox, Horizon Air, Citibank, Enterprise, Allied Business Schools, Travelocity, Shop NBC, Wyndham Vacations, Oracle, Amazon, Methodist Hospital, Minnesota Dept of Revenue, Sedgwick, GE,   American Express, Alchemic Dream, Kelly, Liberty Mutual, Auto Trader, Berkley College, Cigna and Dell

Use the search feature on the right or scroll down through the job listings. 

Check back Monday for the latest work from home jobs!


Anonymous said...

got an offer from Meez, seems like a great job. Thank you for posting this.

Demi said...

That is so awesome. Congratulations!