Saturday, December 4, 2010

Here's a few recent inspirations.  For more stories of success click on the tab above. 
"Great blog, great jobs. I just passed the Leapforce test and can not wait to start work. I'll be checking back for more."  -- Kim 

"I love your website. I looked on there about a month ago and applied for a job. I received a call today and start the job on Monday with Executive Scheduling Associates as a Scheduler!! Thanks for posting otherwise I would not have found it. You always have the latest postings and so early in the morning. My morning ritual was to grab my cup of coffee and go to your blog :) This job came right on time - I was beginning to think I was going to have to work outside the home. Starting pay is great and I'm an employee with benefits after 90 days! Just wanted to give you the update because this is the job I've been waiting for!" --  R
If you enjoy this blog or have a success story to post, let me know.  You can find my contact information under the welcome tab.  Remember your support helps me keep the job leads coming in for everyone.   Many thanks for all your support.  May we all find perfect jobs!!

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