Monday, September 20, 2010

Telecommuting Job Leads for September 20, 2010

Part Time Associate II, Annual Giving for Catholic Relief Services

Neiman Marcus Customer Care – 214 or 972 area codes only

Inbound Calls w/Michatech Inc.

Seasonal Gift Advisors

Call Center Agents - Florida

Client Relations w/Abacus Credit Counseling

On Call Medical Staffer w/Capstone Healthcare

Customer Service w/Transcom North America;_ylt=Aum6D63dnb3pyCshNSC3T9D6Q6IX?source=SRP

Client Services Manager w/Teacher Teacher – VA only

Virtual Reality World Developer

IMS Consultant

Quality Assurance Tester – 3 -4 monthly meetings in Genoa NY

Technical Assistance Manager

Sales w/Infocision;_ylc=X3oDMTEwNDg1ZjVmBF9TAzM5NjUxMDMzNQRjYXQDU0FMBHBjb2RlAzUwNTg0?source=partner&scode=50584

Remote Sales w/Market Linc

Health Care Inbound Sales

Outbound Sales -- $12/hr plus commissions

Mortgage Loan Fraud Auditor

Credit Analyst

Creative Circle Flex Developer

Web Site Developer for Flower Press Creative Studio

English Teacher w/Connections Academy*ECD65EBA4ADDA9A9

Online Instructors (Search by location)

Transcriptionist Radiology

Targeted News Service Freelance Writers

Passionate fashion writers wanted. Write for on the local and national stage. Join us.

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