Sunday, September 20, 2009

Waiting is the hardest part

You have now researched several companies, created an online resume, and are ready to begin applying. This is the hardest part. Don’t sit still, once you decided what type of job you want, apply to several. Competition is steep in the virtual world, just like outside. Many virtual employers contract with numerous companies. There may be nothing available today, and 3 offers tomorrow. I would say generally, if you hear nothing two weeks after testing, follow up with an email. Short, professional, and courteous. Also a good tip is to have an email address specifically for job search. Keep it professional sounding. No “hotmamma15 or superstud” type names please. Your name or first initial. Last name is a good one.

You get an email for an interview. One step closer, even though you can’t see this person, they are evaluating you. Unless it is a life or death situation, do not reschedule the interview. Yes, emergencies come up, but remember first impressions do count. Pick a time when you can have a quiet professional conversation at your computer. No driving down the road taking the dog to the vet please. Use your best speaking voice, no slang, no profanity, no gum chewing. Listen and answer the questions while selling yourself. Remember you already researched the company. Example: I am very interested in working for one of the largest credit card companies in the world. My 5 years banking experience should give me a head start in the training process……….. Sell yourself, and be knowledgeable about why you want to be part of this team.

You’re in, congratulations! You can now go to work in P.J.’s or flip flops, no more sitting in traffic, or watching the rising gas prices. Good luck to you and feel free to share your experience via a comment.

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