Sunday, September 27, 2009

How to Find the Great Work at Home Jobs

So where are all these work at home jobs?
Short answer: Everywhere. You just need to know where to look.

Many big companies such as GE, Home Shopping Network, Hilton Hotels, and 1-800 Flowers all hire work from home individuals. There are also virtual call center companies like Alpine Access, Live Ops and Convergys that contract with major companies to provide inbound customer or technical services. Check out my favorite work forums you'll find new jobs posted all the time.

Perhaps you’re a teacher looking to make a few extra dollars. There are many companies that hire work from home tutors and teachers. A big employer in my state is Florida Virtual School, . A well known tutoring company that hires virtual tutors is Sylvan-Educate Online,  and there are many, many more.

Are you a writer or perhaps you’re bilingual. Writers can find many jobs online from writing greeting cards to E-books. Bilinguals can find CSR, TSR or translating jobs. What ever your skill, learn to be proficient at web searching. When you are searching in a major job search engine like Monster .com or Career don’t just search with work from home or telecommuting, try using the terms remote office, virtual, remote employee, and any combination you can think of. Remember, just because it’s on a big job search engine, does not mean it’s legit job. Do your homework, check the companies out before you send any personal information. Most importantly remember, you do not need to pay to find a WAH job.

Just because you’re planning to work remotely, don’t stop networking. If it’s feasible to perform your current job from home, approach your employer. Be flexible, offer to start doing it part time. I actually did that for four years, I worked from home one day a week. When I was ready to move permanently to a WAH status, I approached my employer and changed to P/T position. Just remember to honor your commitment. If your employer expects you to be working from home on Monday, be home and available. Don’t take the kids to the beach, unless you let your boss know.

Approach local business who are hiring for an in-house employee. Get an interview, but suggest a remote option. Just keep in mind they do not know you, so their initial response will mostly likely not be positive. You have to sell your services. Present the business with a true business proposal of what services you can perform, and how much you will charge them.

Many people have been successful at finding good wah jobs on Craig’s list. Personally, I have not. Now that does not mean they’re not there. Just please be careful, and follow all the common sense guidelines I’ve mentioned in an earlier post.

Remember visit my favorite forums, they post new jobs regularly. Also just because ABC company is not hiring today, does not mean they’re not hiring tomorrow. Many give you registration options, or just check back with them regularly. Online jobs can have peak periods, just like any other business.

Happy hunting and check back soon for more tips.

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